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These pages are presented for information purposes only and should never be used as a substitute for a full and proper consultation with a suitably Qualified Medical Practitioner. Furthermore all information in this website is merely intended to be of a general nature and is provided solely for the interest of the reader. Femistent does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for its use. For further details, please refer to the  Femistent Terms and Conditions.

Choosing a Dilator

Which Femistent Dilator? | Why Femistent?


Which Femistent Dilator?


Femistent concentrates only on making superior vaginal dilator systems and we are proud to have the most modern and widest range on the market, many of which are available from stock. Femistent key common features are:

1.  High quality manufacture from modern coloured medical grade plastics.
2.  Carefully designed nose profile to ease passage through muscles and reduce pressure at the end of the vagina.
3.  Tactile depth measurement to facilitate dilation to the correct depth. 
4.  All supplied with a copy of the comprehensive Femistent illustrated Usage Advice Document.
5.  Sets and orders over 200 include free express delivery World-wide.


All Femistent vaginal dilator products are registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) as Class 1 medical devices.

Because Femistent products are designed to meet a broad range of requirements, there are quite a few of them. We hope that when combined with the advice and recommendations of your QMP the following text will help you choose the best Femistent product for you. Both a decision tree and product range overview are included at the end of this text as further aids.

However, we do understand that choosing a dilator is not easy.  It is a piece of equipment which people don't like to talk about, the importance of which is often underestimated.  Although costing much less than, for example surgery, having the right dilator(s) at the right time can make a big difference to a treatment outcome.  So, IF IN DOUBT, please use the 'Contact Us' section on the main menu to send us an e-mail.  We will respond quickly.

To illustrate the core Femistent products the Lara dilators (Lagoon and Sunglow) are shown below on the left, while on the right a Pandora Rosegold dilator is shown lying down (its handle is slightly unscrewed) with a Selene Platinum dilator standing next to it.

Lara Lagoon, Lara Sunglow, Pandora Rosegold, Selene Platinum

Quick tips:

1.  If you are considering dilators for Vaginoplasty (SRS/GRS), then consider either the Lara Sets or Combination Sets. 

Lara Sets comprise the five diameters most likely to be needed post operatively, providing comfortable progression through increasing diameters.  In time, when you know what diameter(s) you are going to use in the longer term, consider selcting from the superior Selene and Pandora ranges with a Grip.

Combination Sets also comprise five diameters.  The first 4 smaller diameters are from the Lara range, the largest being from either the Pandora or Selene ranges.  Since these Sets also include a Femistent Grip they provide a cost effective means of not only dilating post surgically, but also in the long-term.  Also the final dilator in Combination Sets is a slightly larger diameter than within the Lara Sets.

2.  Vaginismus patients should discuss their precise needs with their QMP, however either the smaller diameter Lara dilators or a Set of four Vesta dilators should be appropriate.  The new Vesta dilators will be launched in early 2008 and are focussed primarily on meeting the requirements of Vaginismus sufferers.

3.  Vaginal agenesis and vaginal stenosis patients should discuss their precise requirements with their QMP, but it is likely that selections from the Lara range would be adequate, although it would also be worth considering the Selene and Pandora ranges with their superior materials and options.

If in doubt:  We know there are a lot of Femistent dilators.  So, if you are not sure what would suit your needs best, please ask us.  Use the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of the menu on the left of your display.

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Lara dilators:

So in deciding which is the most appropriate, the first question to ask is whether you are expecting to use your dilators for only a relatively short period of time, say up to three or four years. If the answer to this question is ?yes? then consider making a selection from the Femistent Lara range of products. These are all made from the Tecaform AH MT medical grade plastic which is likely to be more than adequate for this type of requirement, such as would follow vaginoplasty.

There is no reason why a Lara dilator could not be used for longer than a couple of years, but if one is likely to have to dilate for many years to come, then it is worth having an even higher quality product to use.  So if you feel you would like to take advantage of the added verstaility of the other Femistent products while also knowing they are made from an even better material, then consider making a selection from the more sophisticated Selene or Pandora dilator systems (see later).

The second key question to ask is whether you know what diameter dilator you need. If the answer to this question is ?no? then you should consider purchasing a Set, which will include the 5 dilator diameters most commonly required and should enable you to establish what diameter you might need in the long-term, if any.

If you are going to purchase an individual dilator from the Lara range, you will need to decide whether you would it to be of the Sunglow or Lagoon colours. If you want a set of 5 Lara dilators, you should decide whether you would like the Sunglow Set (with three Sunglow coloured dilators with two Lagoon), or the Lagoon Set (with three Lagoon coloured dilators and two of Sunglow - shown below). All this is shown in the decision tree in Figure 1.

Pandora or Selene:

However, if you are expecting to use your dilator(s) for an extended period, or again simply prefer to have dilators made from a superior material and with added versatility, then select from the Selene and Pandora ranges.  These are all made from the higher quality Tecason P MT medical grade plastic. All diameters of these two product ranges are available in the Rosegold colour, and two are also available in Platinum.  A requirement such as this might well follow vaginoplasty, but at the time when the dilator diameter one wishes to use in the longer term has been established.

The decision now is whether or not you feel it would be ebneficial to have the added versatility of a separate handle that can be assembled onto the dilator when required. If this is the case, then you should opt for the Pandora range since Selene dilators have an integral handle (similar to the Lara).

If you are going to make your selection from the Pandora or Selene ranges, you should then decide whether you wish to purchase an individual dilator or a Selene or Pandora Set (both or which are only available with three Rosegold coloured dilators and two of the Platinum colour). The picture below shows a Pandora Set, but a Selene Set contains the same products, except that the dilator handles on the Selene models cannot be removed.

If you are selecting Selene or Pandora dilators you will also need to decide whether you wish to purchase a Femistent Grip (only available in platinum). If you are purchasing a Selene or Pandora Set then a Grip is included as apart of the Set. But if you are purchasing an individual dilator you will need to purchase the Grip separately. The Femistent Grip (see later in Products) is an extremely practical device and particularly appropriate if you are likely to have to dilate for significant periods.

Combination Sets:

Femistent Combination Sets are intended to provide the optimum of cost effective Sets typically for those recovering from Vaginoplasty (SRS / GRS) who require sensible progressions from smaller to larger diameter dilators, ending with the largest dilator being of a very high quality which will be ideal for longer term use.

All Combination Sets comprise 4 Lara dilators, one Pandora or Selene dilator, a Femistent Grip, a Travel Bag, and of course a copy of the comprehensive illustrated Femistent Usage Advice Document.

Further details of both the Pandora and Selene Sets can be found in the Pandora and Selene Products sections respectievly.  A picture of the Pandora Lagoon Combination Set is shown below:

Juno Special Requirements dilators:

In the event none of the above meets your needs then please contact us using the (Juno) Special Requirements response form within the Femistent Shop and we will possibly be able to manufacture something especially for you.

A custom-made Travel Bag is also available which allows you to discreetly store and transport your dilator(s). A Travel Bag is included as part ofall Femistent dilator Sets.

The Vesta Set:

Primarily for Vaginismus and Dyspareunia sufferers this product will be launched in early 2008  -  more infomration will be provided later.

Please note: For hygiene reasons dilators, handles and Grips may not be returned once the sealed polythene bag in which they were dispatched has been opened.

Figure 1
Choosing a Femistent product

Please click on the figure below to obtain a full screen image (.pdf)

Choosing a Femistent product

Figure 2
Femistent product overview

Please click on the figure below to obtain a full screen image (.pdf)

Femistent Product Range

Please note: Slight colour variations between individual dilator products of theoretically the same colour are to be expected as are very occasional dark spots in the material itself. These are characteristics of the plastics manufacturing processes within Ensinger and do not effect either the integrity or quality of these medical grade plastics.

Note: Femistent is not a medical organisation so we cannot tell you how or whether you should be using vaginal dilators. As such, any information or advice provided by Femistent should never be used as a substitute for a full and proper consultation with a suitably qualified specialist or QMP. Furthermore Femistent makes no therapeutic or other claims concerning its products, their suitability for any particular purpose and /or their efficacy.


Which Femistent Dilator? | Why Femistent?


Why Femistent?

In summary:

1. Wide range of products, most available from stock
2. Superior design (patents pending) with increased versatility
3. Superior materials (modern high quality medical grade materials approved to FDA USP Class IV)
4. Superior manufacturing in a modern well-equipped factor
approved to FDA USP Class IV)
5. Has traded for many years

Also, all Femistent dilator products are registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) as Class 1 devices. 

Ultimately, it really is your health, your body, your life and you deserve the best.



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